Hi, I’m Nick Tobin. Husband, father and a former debt collector turned analyst whose spent more time thinking about how he should move his life forward than actually putting things into practice.

Nick’s notebook is a personal blog designed as a place where I can jot down my thoughts and document the things I’m doing to make my life a little better (or that make it a little worse).

It’s also just one part of my attempt to just do something. I’m often stuck in the analysis and planning phase – so my execution needs some work. I don’t like to think that i’m a perfectionist or anything – but something is stopping me from putting things out there.

Even writing this about page has been challenging because I’ve been spending a lot of time trying to make it sound just right. If from here on out sounds little wonky, that’s because I decided that trying to make it sound good isn’t doing me any justice.

I’m not a well seasoned writer so of course it’s not going to sound as good as everyone else. I want it to, but it doesn’t and that’s what trips me up. So if you want to see a guy fail and try to convince himself to get back up, you’ve come to the right place.