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All I plan on doing here is taking what stands out to me from his e-mails and putting it here with a little commentary.

April 15th:

Yeah, I know, that’s a long time ago to be JUST opening up the e-mail now. 7 months. Ouch.

“You don’t hate the action, you hate the idea of action. Once you push past that – you’re good to go.”

He also quotes Jim Rohn: “Everyone experiences two pains in life.  The pain of discipline and the pain of regret.  The difference is discipline weighs ounces while regret weighs tons”

Of course he points out that there is probably something I’ve thought of doing and haven’t. Of course that’s correct. For my own sake, I will list those things:

  1. Working out everyday.
  2. Fasting.
  3. Getting the abs I said I would (like 15 years ago in high school.)
  4. My budget and the difficult conversations around those.
  5. Getting things set up for my kids to make videos, drawings etc.
  6. Cleaning out our storage room.

I’ve stopped the inaction over reading and going through courses/e-mails to get caught up on what I said to myself I would do. It feels really good. My inaction has obviously cost me a lot over the years and I’m looking to change that.

I don’t think reading this back in April I could have said I was motivated. Now I can and that makes me happy.

July 3rd:

This is around independence day and a reminder to fight for your independence. I’m Canadian, but even I want a piece of the American Dream pie.

Nate explains that he got behind on his bills and as the months went on, further and further in debt. Feeling like he was unable to get out, he felt worthless. This spilled over into his personal life – impacting his wife and kids.

I hit that point and boy, did my mood ever tank. I was not the greatest person to be around. Sometimes I still have those days, though they are getting more scarce. I’ve actually found since working through the Richest Man In Babylon that I’ve felt more optimistic. Like it or not, I managed to entwine my mental health with the state of my finances (and the number on the scale.)

Just DOING something, like the book study, was enough to get me into the doing mood. I’m trying to leverage that feeling and create the habit of doing and being HAPPY that I am doing.

Nate’s saving grace was a financial education not taught in schools. He was able to get disciplined and leverage that financial education for a new future. I fully expect to do the same, using him and his course as the backbone of my mentorship. Like Nate, I’m not trying to get rich quick but I would like to be rich forever when I do become rich.

He says he’ll be a millionaire before he dies. Ever since high school I told myself that some day I would be one too. I’m going to try to use these systems to do just that.

Nate outlines (through his partner) the Dave Ramsey system:

1. Save $1000
2. Snowball your debt. Pay off all your debt from smallest to largest. You roll all the payments in together (as things get paid off) to really move the needle
3. Save 3 to 6 months of expenses
4. Investing 15% of your household income
5. Save for your kid’s college
6. Pay off your house
7. Give generously

They are however, unconvinced that this is the best way. Nate’s partner said this felt taxing trying to get over the finish line of paying off their house and saving for college.

Until he encountered the concepts in the little black book. Dun dun dun!!! No idea what the black book is – but it contains financial secrets that skyrocketed their success and accelerated their money. The hint we’re left with is that it is leverage.

Yes. If you get Holy Shift, you’ll get a copy. This and the promise to never be a slave to money again. I’m not convinced that this e-mail would have got me to buy the course if I would have looked at at the time. Either way, I have it now and I remain hopeful that it’s worth it. Even if it isn’t, I bet I’ll learn something. If I’m confident about anything, is that they know more about money than I do.

August 17th:

“Very few people ever go straight into entrepreneurship. If you have a 9-5 use that time to build and create for when the moment is right.”

Nate had a side hustle start to work out and quickly left his 9-5. You know what happened, the work dried up and it put him on the defensive trying to get by. He wishes that he would have done then what he knows he can do now: hold a stable 9-5 and use his other time to create those new cashflow opportunities.

Despite now having a successful financial education business, he still finds the time to flip items on the side for profit. Don’t burn your bridges too quickly when you don’t have to. Don’t be afraid to have a few side things going on. Don’t be afraid to invest in the knowledge of others. The possibilities of increasing your cash flow are endless.

September 7th

Labour Day! The day we celebrate the achievements of workers in Canada (and the US).

Nate doesn’t like the fact that we don’t have a day that teaches workers how to make their money work for them. What good is spending most of your life at work if you never get past where you started?

In this e-mail, Nate is trying to re-imagine labour day as a day that comes everyday where workers are always reminded that there money works for them. It shouldn’t be the other way around.

I think that is an interesting idea. I could certainly teach my family to celebrate that. I know where I can find the information too – Holy Shift 🙂

Various E-Mails

After joining Holy Shift – I received various e-mails about things going on in it over time. It seems like:

  1. There is a facebook group
  2. There is giveaways
  3. Lots of people (with video testimonials added)
  4. And new content being added all the time.

Nate also asked in one e-mail that, once I go through the course, if I would shoot a short 5 – 10 second video about my thoughts on the course. I’m going to leave this in my to-be-completed wealth e-mail folder so I don’t forget.

Another e-mail is about the perfect investment: “The Perfect Investment” a video designed by one of his clients. I have not watched it as it has been added as part of holy shift. I’ll comment on it as part of my overall commentary on the course, once I complete it.

November 5th

Ahhh, the sweet, sweet smell of progress. Getting this e-mail looked at with in a month. Hell, that’s currently a new record baby.

That puts up my mindset which conveniently is the topic of this e-mail. If we tell ourselves positive stories, they are more likely to manifest. Nate brings up a biggest loser contestant Sam. Sam, when he was working out, said that he saw himself as a lion.

Why? Instead of being Sam the fat guy who would always feel fat, he turned himself and his story into Sam the lion – a force of nature. At one point, when I was trying to have an online identity I called myself Fat Tobin (and some of my handles still are). A while ago, I decided to try and drop that. I felt like, even though I remember using that identity as someone who could handle the pain of life, using the word Fat kinda pins me into the undesirable outcome of not being able to get into the physical shape I want.

Nate encourages us to take him to review our habits and work on, 1 per month, at getting rid of them and replacing them with better ones. 1 habit per month for 12 months means in 10 years you could have change 120 habits. That’s powerful.

Don’t give up. Self-reflection is the key to your own personal growth. You can make a change. You’ve made a big change before and you can do it again!

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