The Luckiest Man In Babylon

We have arrived at the final chapter! What I’ve spend a decent amount of time doing could have been done long ago had I kept up with the e-mails. Either way, I’m still happy to have reached this point.

This chapter focuses on a man who is attempting to repay a debt of gratitude for which he thought could never be repaid. He took in his esteemed friend’s grandson, whose son had made a mess of his inheritance.

The grandson does not want to work. He wants to be rich, wear jewels and fancy clothes and leave the work to the slaves. The grandson appears to be in his 40s though, which threw me off. He had once left from Babylon and watched as the men tended to the fields. He was very surprised to see those same men plowing the fields again today.

he askes the granson if he would like to know how he and his grandfather became partners. The grandson was more interested in how the money was made; however, that question fell on deaf ears. The man told his story. He was once a slave sold to pay for his brothers indiscretions.

As the man is being sold in Babylon, he is afraid of having to carry brick for the rest of his life. Many think that if he is a hard worker, as he enjoys being, that they would want him to be a brick carrier. As he begins to shrink back, another man offers him advice: be a good worker and say you are willing to work hard. If he is bought at the slave market, he will have work. If he’s not purchased – it’s carrying bricks to the walls for him.

Through looking for opportunity to work hard, he was purchased by a bread maker who would teach him his skill. As time went on, the man came up with a plan. Work more, bake more cakes and sell them to the hungry for cheaper. He kept his master in the loop and they came up with an agreement that they would split half the profit, after all materials were repaid. For a slave with nothing, this was an incredible deal for him!

As time went on, the man and the grandfather eventually reconnected. The grandfather actually purchased the mans slave contract and made him free. From there, they made a life of abundance for themselves. Upon learning about the true life of his grandfather, the grandson made a decision to work hard to change his life too.

Nate points out two things right away that I thought are worth repeating, mainly because I need to remind myself of them repeatidly.

  1. When a man is ruled by his passions, he is a slave to them.
  2. Being a slave to pleasure makes you a slave to nearly everything.
  3. Men are not meant to have too much free time; Idle hands do the devil’s work.

The secret to becoming a free man is to fall in love with hard work. You can’t do everything on your own though. People are interdependent. Work together for mutual benefit and the skies are the limit.

That’s it for this book! I’ve sectioned off the e-mails for the next book, the go-giver and put that on hold. My next post will be a quick summary of the misc. e-mails I’ve received from Nate before I dive into Holy Shift.

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