The Walls of Babylon

This portion of the book focuses on an old guard named Banzar, who was guarding the walls of Babylon from an outside attack. The king and his main army were not present for they had left for an expedition against the Elamites.

For many days and nights the walls of Babylon were under attack. Time and time again, citizens both young and old would come to Banzar, afraid that the city would fall. Time and time again, Banzar would give them the same answer: your treasure will be protected, the walls will hold, the gates will not fall and Babylon will be safe.

This process would happen many times during Babylon’s long history. With adequate protection, it was able to stand the test of time and keep its wealth. Only by being reckless and abandoning the safety of the walls it so diligently kept did it fall.

As the chapter ends: “In this day, behind the impregnable walls of insurance, savings accounts and dependable investments, we can guard ourselves against the unexpected tragedies that may enter any door and seat themselves before any fireside.”

Nate’s email summarizes what I’ve put above. He makes it as clear as the author: you need to defend your walls. How do you do that? Nate lays out two walls:

  1. Insurance
  2. Savings Accounts – which include: saving for bills, an emergency fund and your savings for your pleasure activities.
  3. Dependable Investments – These are covered in the section about multiplying your wealth. Houses, Land, Private Lending and any way you can leverage your money to make more.

I’m sure there are other ways too, these are just the ones Nate lays out in his e-mail. The bigger and stronger your walls, the less likely you are to lose your money. Being alert to threats will keep your money alive. Charging out into the open battlefield when you have a strong position inside your walls is a foolish move.

This wasn’t the most eye opening chapter. It was a fun read and did more to reinforce what was stated previously, rather than trying to teach something new.

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