Meet the Goddess of Good Luck

I’ve encountered a lot of the ideas in the chapter before. If you follow any personal development person on social media, they’ve said some form of: luck only really finds you when you work hard. Yes, there are rare expectations, but if you’re reading this – it probably hasn’t happened to you. It sure as hell hasn’t happened to me.

Why? I am a procrastinator. Being a procrastinator at a good deal will not bring you luck. Putting off what you should do will not bring you good luck. Luck does not happen to you without any effort. if it does happen upon you, it is something that will be fleeting because you don’t know how to keep it.

As this chapter ends: “Men of action are favored by the goddess of good luck.” Those men of action seek the goddess of good luck where she frequents and not at the lottery. That’s mainly what this chapter focuses on.

One thing I did find interesting was the reference to the temple of learning. It’s described in the book as follows: “This building was the Temple of Learning where the wisdom of the past was expounded by voluntary teachers and where subjects of popular interest were discussed in open forums. Within its walls all men met as equals. The humblest of slaves could dispute with impunity the opinions of a prince of the royal house.”

Why don’t we have one of those anymore? I suppose some might say those are universities. These feel like places where you are being lectured (like in high school) rather than a place for open discussion. At least, that is how it was for me 10 years ago and well, rumor on the streets is that it isn’t getting any better.

In his e-mail, Nate focuses heavily on procrastination. Don’t do it. Even on the mundane things. When you set aside time to do them each day, there is no way that they can overwhelm you in the future (which would lead to more procrastination).

Nate wants us to pick something and build it as a habit over the next month. Then, after the month is over, do another one. One at time. Eventually, you will become superman. There is always a positive side to everything, even the mundane.

The best way to get more opportunities is to talk to people! Network. Provide value. Teach them a skill while you learn a skill from them. Of course, Holy Shift has a community, which I will eventually be part of once I get through the course.

I will fully admit though, my plan was to play a match in my game after getting through this chapter. I will do so and then immediately return to it. Is this procrastination? I guess it could be. I’m going to go with it being part of the plan. So far following the work and play plan, I’ve gotten way more work done than normal.

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